Myths About Non Profits – Salaries, Political Leanings, & More

There is no single definition of a non profit job; as you’ll see as you read through JobMonkey, there are as many types of jobs and organizations as there are jobs in the corporate world.

There are Many Myths Surrounding Non Profit Organizations

There is room for every type of talent and skill in nonprofit organizations, and most are eager to attract bright and dedicated staff members to help them grow. If you are interested in a nonprofit job, there are many things that you need to know before you begin your search. Finding out about the specific nonprofit organizations isn’t always enough – you should know all about other organizations, legislation and information in the news about the cause that you are working for.

It is also important to know what a nonprofit job isn’t, since there are many misconception about the nonprofit world. Below are some common assumptions about working for a nonprofit:

1) Not all nonprofit salaries are low. – The truth is, nonprofit salaries are not as high as for profit salaries (for the most part), because non profits companies are not driven by selling, and therefore do not make profits that they get to keep. It is also typically true that smaller not-for-profits offer smaller salaries. However, larger nonprofits offer competitive salaries, and most salaries are higher in larger cities. In lieu of higher salaries, many organizations will offer other benefits and compensation.

2) Not all nonprofit employees are overworked. – There are some industries that have longer hours than others, but this is not true for the nonprofit sector as a whole. Nonprofit organizations come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them are working the typical 9-5 workdays that for profit companies enjoy. Typical work hours can also vary from department to department within a larger agency. But finding a job in the not-for-profit world does not mean giving up your free time; on the contrary, many offices value “work-life balance” as essential to ongoing success.

3) Everything is NOT political. – While many issues that exist in the nonprofit world are politically charge, joining the nonprofit workforce does not mean changing your political affiliation. The nonprofit world is made up of the same diverse people that make up the corporate world – the nonprofit population reflects the population in this country. For any organization working for change, a variety of viewpoints and opinions can only help to enhance the cause, and nonprofit organizations do their best to maintain this diversity with the people they hire.

As you move forward with your non profit job search, it is important not to forget that these myths exist. It is essential for you to ask questions at your interview if you have reservations about your salary, workload or political environment. Most hiring managers are willing to be transparent, and will appreciate your proactivity in asking the right questions to find the perfect nonprofit job for you.

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