Education Related Non Profit Jobs

What is an education nonprofit?

Education nonprofits refer to more than just schools. There are so many educational activities that go on outside of the classroom in a variety of settings. Educational nonprofits provide these programs to at-risk, mainstream and gifted children alike.

Education Non Profits Assist Children and People with Receiving a Proper Education

What are some examples of education nonprofit agencies and organizations?

While most people will think of local government agencies as educational service providers, there are actually many large educational nonprofits that serve children and young adults across the country.

The Harlem Children’s Zone/Promise Academy is a local children’s organization that has found great success at encouraging children to begin the path to college at an early age. The agency offers encouragement to youth in underserved communities in New York City, who may not have access to college preparation and other out of school activities. KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program)  is a national network of charter schools committed to changing the way that children go to school through structured school days, politeness and interventions from pre-K through the 12th grade. YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities offers early education opportunities (through its own schools) for young children with emotional disabilities.

Most major universities are actually not-for-profit organizations, including Harvard University, Georgetown University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are many nonprofit jobs in education through these institutions, which run the gamut from teaching assistants to development.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children is dedicated to increasing the quality of educational programs for children from birth to age eight. The National Education Association is the union of education professionals committed to offering high quality education to young people. They work together to negotiate teacher and educator working conditions.

What are education nonprofit jobs?

  • Higher education, as mentioned above, offers many nonprofit education job opportunities. In addition to teaching and assistant teaching, Administrators (like Dean’s, Assistant Dean’s and Program Directors) work directly with students to make sure that they are getting a high quality education. The Admissions and Financial Aid offices are always in need of Recruiters and Specialists to make sure that prospective students are well informed. Development professionals seek funding and donations from alumni and corporations to keep the university thriving financially.
  • After School and Out of School Time programs employ teachers and tutors to give children and young adults the extra academic support that they need when they are not in the classroom. Program Associates and Program Directors oversee these programs, work with consultants and educators to tailor curriculum and forge community partnerships.
  • Policy and research professionals in education collect data about the state of the current school systems and make policy recommendations to nonprofit organizations and government. These activities can either be conducted by school systems themselves, or by nonprofit organizations devoted to this kind of research and policy change.

Education is a constantly growing and changing part of the nonprofit sector that is always in need of passionate people. If you are interested in education, you should consider finding a nonprofit education job.

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