June 23, 2016

12 Outstanding Benefits of Seasonal Work

Do you want a lifestyle that you will enjoy? Are you keen to find a cool job where you get paid to do fun things? Then seasonal work might be the perfect fit for you.

Over water beach resort bungalows next to green and blue oceanSeasonal work is employment that lasts for a set time period – usually a season like the summer or winter. Examples of fun seasonal work might include: 

Learn About Cool and Seasonal Jobs

When you’re considering what type of work you want to pursue, take a good look at the benefits of seasonal work. Would you enjoy a job that offers:

  1. Entry Level Opportunities – Seasonal employers will commonly hire entry level workers. Get your foot in the door with one of these jobs.
  2. Flexibility – Usually seasonal jobs do not follow a 9 to 5 schedule. They are much more flexibility and laid back.
  3. TipsDo a good job as a seasonal worker and you’ll likely earn tips to supplement your normal paycheck.
  4. Outside – Many seasonal jobs are based in the great outdoors. This is a healthy way to spend your time. Discover more reasons why you need to spend more time outside.
  5. Variety – No two days are exactly the same in this niche. You’ll meet new people, do new things, and never get bored.
  6. Like Minded Co-Workers – Most people that pursue seasonal work are cool people who have similar interests as you. It’s a great way to make friends – and of course network!
  7. Cool Locations – Seasonal jobs are often located in cool spots like beaches, mountains, or resorts. You might work as a surf instructor in California for the summer and then guide trips in Yellowstone in the winter.
  8. Shoulder Seasons – It’s uncommon for seasonal work to keep you employed 12 months a year. Take advantage of the time between seasons to travel and do cool things – like personal adventures.
  9. Cool Work Skiing, surfing, diving, windsurfing, tour guiding, lifeguarding, rafting… Sounds fun, right? It’s all seasonal work.
  10. Build Skills – Seasonal work is an excellent way to build your resume and develop skills that can take you far in life.
  11. Test Out Employers – Seasonal workers often hop from one opportunity to the next. This gives them the chance to test out employers and find the place where they ultimately want to settle down and live full time (if they choose to do so!).
  12. Work Abroad Opportunities – It’s not guaranteed, but seasonal workers can often find work visas to work in other countries. After you develop your skill sets and earn your certifications, there are potentially job opportunities all over the world.

Seasonal work is an excellent way to escape the 9 to 5 grind. As long as you have the right mindset, seasonal work is an excellent way to live the life you want to live. It can open doors to exciting careers or help you find the places you want to be. Or if you love your job enough, you might start chasing seasonal work around the world and turn your seasonal work into a prosperous career. It’s up to you.

What You Need To Know About Seasonal Jobs 

You’ll enjoy the benefits of seasonal work. Explore the opportunities that exist for you today. Link up cool seasonal jobs and work your way around the world or from one cool location to the next while earning a paycheck. Search and apply for seasonal work on the JobMonkey JobCenter. We highly recommend it.

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