November 16, 2017 Announces The Best Places To Work In 2017

When you’re searching for a job what factors are your top priorities? Is it the job? The paycheck? The location? The employer? The perks & benefits? There are so many things to consider when applying for jobs.

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As a job seeker, we know you want to find a job with one of the best places to work. To do this, it’s your duty to do your research and learn about the ins and outs of a particular job and employer. When you know what to expect and it aligns with your wants and needs, it’s a lot easier to pick the right job for you.

Find Jobs That Will Make You Happy

It seems that lots of job seekers focus their job search on brand name employers like Apple, Exxon, Amazon, or countless others. But don’t forget about the smaller employers. Often small employers are the best employers.

There are small employers in just about every niche: breweries, architecture firms, apparel companies, advertising firms, ski resorts, outdoor non profits, student travel businesses, natural gas, market research, accounting, camps, PR, and more. It’s up to you to learn about small employers in your niche.

One great way to learn about some of the best places to work is via’s list of the 100 Best Places To Work. Below we’ll highlight the top 25 cool employers on that list:

  1. Forum Phi Architecture
  2. GroundFloor Media
  3. Avid4 Adventure
  4. WhippleWood CPAs
  5. Shine United, LLC
  6. Pax8
  7. Room 214
  8. Ergodyne
  9. Power Digital Marketing
  10. Found And Laramore, Inc.
  11. Charles Cunniffe Architects
  12. Peak Design
  13. Natural Habitat Adventures
  14. Pellucid Analytics
  15. Hailey Sault
  16. SportRx
  17. GeoEX
  18. Bluetent
  19. MyRounding
  20. Southwest Michigan First
  21. Geocaching HQ
  22. Mathys+Potestio
  23. Adaptive Sports Center Of Crested Butte
  24. The Trade Desk
  25. TeamSnap

To see #26 to #100, please visit On that page, you can learn about each company’s location, what they do, number of employees, average salary, vacation time, perks, and more.

How many of these cool small companies have you heard of? Maybe you’ve heard of one or two or maybe they are all new to you. Regardless of how many you recognize, the key takeaway of this post is to realize that some of the best employers might not even be on your radar yet. When you do your research, you’ll increase your chances of finding an employer that you’ll love.

Before you leave, it’s also interesting to see a few of the statistics from the list. This info was compiled by Here are some of the interesting takeaways:

  • 61 – Companies on the list with fewer than 50 employees
  • 6 – Number with more than 250 employees
  • 39 – Companies located in Colorado
  • 15 – Companies located in California
  • 57 – Companies that offer yoga in the office
  • 6 – Companies in the non-profit sector
  • 9 – Companies that have kegerators in the office
  • 26 – Number that offer ping-pong, though plenty of others have foosball, cornhole, or other games that help employees blow off steam
  • 98 – Percentage of companies that have a policy aimed at reducing their environmental impact

We highly recommend that you start your job and employer research on Once you find the right employer for you, it’s time to make yourself the best job candidate ever and apply for a job. Good luck!

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