December 28, 2014

Apply For Cool Summer Jobs Today

Every week we spend time browsing the JobMonkey Job Board to find the coolest job listings to share with you in our weekly newsletter. We recently noticed a rise in employers starting to post for summer seasonal jobs and want to give any job seekers out there a heads up.

It’s still the middle of winter, but right now is the time to start thinking about summer jobs. Sunny days, green grass, BBQs, and warm weather may seem like forever away when you’re staring at the snowy landscape, but in job search terms, it’s right around the corner.

Learn More About Summer Jobs

Now is the time to starting planning for summer 2015. By getting ready months in advance, it sets you up for job search success. Not only are you one of the earliest applicants, you’ll also beat out the competition. Employers want to fill jobs with qualified people as soon as possible, so they don’t have to worry about it later. Why not be the best and earliest applicant?

The best part about summer is that there are so many cool summer job options. What do you want to do?

If you haven’t put much thought into next summer, head over to JobMonkey to learn all about summer jobs. We also have bunches of cool summer job listings on the job board – and more are getting posted regularly. If you don’t see your ideal summer job right now, set up a job alert that will email you as soon as it hits the job board.

JobMonkey is proud to be your seasonal jobs headquarters. From researching to applying, we make it easy to plan your next summer job. Take advantage of our industry guides, job board, and social media channels to help you find job search success.

Summer will be here before you know it. Start thinking about summer jobs now before you’re too late. As you know, you only live once, so why not do something cool?

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