November 21, 2013

The Coolest Travel Jobs

The world is a big place and it needs to be explored. If you have the travel bug, then you need to seek out a travel job that allows you to travel and work at the same time.

Traveling is an exciting and entertaining way to experience cultures, languages, cities, countrysides, foods, history, and adventure. No matter why you like to travel, it’s fun. Unfortunately, most people get stuck in cubicles and only get a few weeks per year to vacation. Why not find a travel job that allows you to be out and about all of the time?

Travel jobs allow you to work and see things like the neon lights of Tokyo, the remote jungles of the Amazon, the wild side of Alaska, or the rich culture of Europe. There are some obvious and some unexpected jobs that allow you to travel, here are some of the coolest travel jobs examples:

  • Flight Attendant – Working the skies is a demanding job, but layovers happen in all sorts of amazing places.
  • Travel Nurse – Nursing is a rewarding career, especially when you combine it with traveling.
  • Athletic Scout – Where’s the next sports star going to appear? You better be there first.
  • Civilian Contractor – Contract work typically only lasts for a short amount of time in a specific place. Where will your next contract take you?
  • Volunteer – Our planet needs resume-building volunteer workers to travel to far flung places to help the locals and the environment.
  • Nanny – Do you enjoy working with children? Many nannies live abroad to help assist families and care for children.
  • Missionary – Faith is a powerful thing and many people get paid to spread what they believe in.
  • Virtual Worker – If you work virtually, you can collect a paycheck where ever there is an Internet connection.
  • International Aid Worker – People in remote corners of the world need help and in this job you’ll be heading to the rescue.
  • English Teacher – Do you have a knack for languages? Why not use your knowledge of English to help teach others?
  • Cruise Line Worker – Cruise ships meander the oceans and crisscross the seas on a daily basis. They stop in cool places and  they always seem to be hiring.
  • Geologist – There are big bucks to be made in minerals – especially oil and gas. Often you have to go to the far ends of the Earth to find the right stuff.
  • Travel Writer – Can you bring places to life with your words? It’s a cool talent to help paint a picture for armchair travelers who want to hear about your latest adventure.

There are so many options for people who want to travel. Travel is a great way to escape the 9 to 5, follow your dreams, and thrive on your experiences. Why wouldn’t you want a job where you get to explore amazing cities, enjoy picture-perfect beaches, wander through majestic mountains, help struggling children, or experience a different culture?

For most, traveling is a luxury that can only be done a few weeks a year. For others, it is a lifestyle. When you’re ready to search for a cool travel job, visit the JobMonkey Job Board. There are thousands of job listings and many of those jobs will allow you to be a gainfully employed globetrotter.


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