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American citizens work all over the world in all sorts of industries. The most lucrative places to work are in the world’s hot spots. Civilian contractors are the brave people who find themselves working an ordinary job in a war zone.

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Civilian contractors work in every imaginable field – health care, security, engineering, education, construction, transportation, interpreters, advising, truck drivers, food prep, telecommunications, accounting, mine removal, or military. Courageous civilians fill these roles to help manage and improve conflict and post conflict areas.

Civilian contractors work for private military companies, government, international, and civil organizations. They are authorized to aid the military and help improve situations. It’s a risky job because of the location. Civilian contractors find employment in places like Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel, Qatar, Caribbean, Japan, Italy, Korea, Colombia, Liberia, China, France, Turkey, Iraq, or Iran.

Every civilian contractor has experience in his field before he signs up for these contract based, or temporary, jobs. It’s basically job outsourcing, so the military can withdraw. The jobs help to stabilize an area.

Working as a civilian contractor is risky and dangerous. The unexpected kidnapping, explosion, or attack creates chaotic living and working conditions. Essentially, you do the same job in the battlefields of the world as you would in tranquil Missouri or relaxing Oregon.

Civilian Contractor Performing Security Assignment in Middle East

If you were a civilian contractor, what would you be? An English teacher in Iraq? Protection manager in Afghanistan? Logistics Manager in Djibouti? Mechanic in Iraq? Communications in Saudi Arabia? Nurses in Qatar? Hygienist in Yemen? Security contractor in Colombia? The options are endless. There are plenty of jobs and they will be available for a long time.

The majority of contractor jobs are for security – working as truck drivers in Baghdad, interrogators in Afghanistan, or personal protection for big shot businessmen. They make up roughly 50% of the civilian contractors in remote regions of the world. Most jobs are in military and security – close protection, convoy security, logistics, or military training.

There are thousands of jobs available in unique places – jobs for people with non-military backgrounds. If you have experience in construction, agriculture, administration, human resources, information technology, mining, sports and fitness, or transportation there is a civilian contractor job for you.

Civilian Contractor Nurse in Afghanistan

Civilian contractors have a unique opportunity to work overseas and make big bucks while helping the world. It’s hard to describe a typical day. You may be a nurse in Kuwait or a pilot in Brazil. Civilian contractors can do just about anything.

If you want to be a civilian contractor, you need experience in some field. Join the International Contractors Association for job postings. Also check with employers like Blackwater USA or the US Foreign Service. Be willing to travel to crazy parts of the world and be sure to keep a journal of the things you see and do, it’s guaranteed to make great conversation when you return home.

You may wonder why people find jobs as civilian contractors. The answer is the adventure, but the pay is good too. It ranges from $50,000 to $250,000 per year.

It all depends on your age, qualifications, experience, and location. The wage is even better because when you are not in the US for a full calendar year, you are subject to some great tax breaks. Plus, all transportation is usually paid for.

If you’re a hard worker, love traveling, have a sense of adventure, and are willing to shake hands with danger then consider working for a year as a civilian contractor. It’s a great opportunity to see the world and come home with a fat wallet.

Civilian Cement Truck Contractor in Iraq

Quick Facts About Civilian Contractor Work

Job Title: Civilian Contractor
Office: Conflict and Post-conflict parts of the world
Description: Variety of jobs in health, security, engineering, education, construction, transportation that support the military effort abroad
Certifications/Education: Experience in job
Necessary Skills: Depends on job
Potential Employers: Over 60 contractor companies like Titan Corporation, CAC International, Halliburton, KPR, Blackwater Security
Pay: $70 to $350,000 per year

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