College Dance Degrees

Earning a college degree in dance at an accredited university is a way for dancers to widen their body of knowledge about dance, experience performing opportunities and gain credibility as professionals. A bachelor’s degree in dance can provide a dancer with a sense of accomplishment, and can open the door to a variety of jobs after graduation. A degree in dance can lead to a variety of dance jobs including: dance performer, dance choreographer, dance teacher, dance therapist, and dance educator. You might even consider becoming a dance critic!

While a dancer is busy earning her degree, she will learn dance technique, dance anatomy and dance kinesiology. Academic work might also include dance history and music theory. Many schools that offer dance degrees have dance performance opportunities for students, where a student can choose to participate as a performer or choreographer, or both. Dance performances might be annual or semi-annual.

Male Hip Hop Dancer on Stage

There are a variety of ways for a dancer to find the right dance degree program. It’s always a good idea to check with local resources first, such as community colleges or state universities. The internet can also provide a wealth of information about where to study, and will also list accredited online degree programs or distance learning opportunities for dancers. Many dance magazines also have comprehensive yearly guides for dance colleges, so be sure to check those resources, too. It’s always a good idea to do your homework and check out several options, weighing their cost versus advantages, before you make a final decision and apply for admission.

If dance choreography is your passion, then pursuing a degree in dance will give you the opportunity to work with dancers and learn how to stage the choreography and get it ready for performance. Learning to work with groups and communicate your ideas effectively is vital, and the best way to learn is by experience. Earning potential for choreographers is often higher than that of dance performers, making choreography an attractive option.

A dancer will likely have many opportunities to perform while in college. Most colleges have a theater on campus, and yearly performances are usually a given. Dancers who are interested in finding work as a dancer with dance or theater companies will benefit from each and every performance. Choreographers and dancers can work together to prepare a dance piece for a dance competition if they are looking for further performance and exposure opportunities.

Becoming a dance instructor is certainly an option. A college dance program gives all dancers a strong foundation in dance technique that they will be capable of sharing with others.

Whether you decide to become a hip hop dance instructor or a tap dance instructor, a degree in dance will give you the confidence to teach anywhere.

Some university dance departments also offer teaching accreditation, which is often necessary for any dance instructor that is interested in teaching within the public school or private school systems. In addition to a degree, they usually perform background clearance to enable the instructor to work with children.

If you are interested in becoming a dance therapist, then your course study will involve both dance and psychology. Many people decide to become dance therapists because of their love for dance and desire to help others.

Whatever your goals as a dancer, choreographer or instructor may be, a bachelors degree or masters degree in dance will provide you with the experience and credibility that can make your search for dance jobs that much easier in the long run. The good news is that there are plenty of reputable dance colleges and dance universities to choose from that will get you on your way to a professional dance career.

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