Natural & Integrative Nutritionist Jobs

Natural and integrative nutrition can also be referred to as holistic nutrition. This type of nutrition job focuses on the belief that nutrition is nourishment and that it is only one part that makes up our overall wellness.

A holistic approach means looking at the whole person including physical activity, career path, relationships and spirituality, and how they relate to our nutrient intake and well being. Most people who seek nutrition jobs in this area become personal health coaches.

A college degree is necessary for this type of work, but it does not always need to be in the field of nutrition. Those with degrees in health promotion, public health and organizational leadership may work as health coaches as well. However, if you do not have an educational background in nutrition it is beneficial to seek a certification in natural or integrative nutrition such as that offered from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. These certifications are also idea for nutritionists or dietitians with degrees in traditional nutrition studies who want to expand their knowledge in integrative nutrition.

Health coaches, also sometimes referred to as wellness or lifestyle coaches, work one-on-one with individual clients and groups to analyze diets and offer nutrition advice based on the holistic approach. Therefore, other areas of life such as relationships and stress as they relate to food are addressed during consultation. Health coaches provide group workshops and develop marketing materials for nutrition education classes. Most health coaches are self-employed, but some may work for private practices or in wellness centers. New wellness coaches make an estimated average salary $35,809 to $51,563 per year.

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