Sports Nutrition Jobs

Nutrition professionals are needed within the areas of fitness and sports to provide guidance for weight loss and improved athletic performance.

These jobs are available at fitness centers and commercial gyms, in collegiate or professional athletics, and through private practice and consultation to individual athletes and teams.

Fitness-focused nutrition jobs can be found in many commercial gyms and fitness centers, as well as community centers such as YMCAs. Individuals will need at least a bachelor’s degree in a nutrition program to qualify for this type of job and in some cases a Registered Dietitian is required.

Additional certifications in the fitness industry can be beneficial for those working in fitness-focused nutrition. It can demonstrate the diversity of your knowledge and make you more marketable for fitness nutrition jobs which also might include duties such as personal training or group exercise instruction. For example, certifications in personal training or health and fitness instructing from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise are well known and respected in the field.

A nutritionist or dietitian working in a fitness setting provides nutrition consultations for members and offers eating plans for weight loss and improved health. In addition, the development of nutrition education programs, creating handouts and writing newsletter articles are all possible duties in this position.

Sports nutrition jobs focus on improving the performance of athletes by offering dietary guidance that will result in muscle gain, weight loss, improved endurance, increased energy or increased strength. Sports nutrition jobs are most often available within collegiate athletics or professional sporting organizations.

Nutritionists in private practice may also be hired to consult for individual athletes or teams for special competitions such as the Olympics. Some jobs may be available in stores and for companies which sell sports nutrition supplements.

Jobs in sports nutrition require at least a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, often a master’s degree and status as a Registered Dietitian is required. In addition, sports nutrition jobs require a deep knowledge of how food relates to physical performance and familiarity with sport nutrition supplements on the market including safety concerns, allowance of use by athletic authorities, appropriate uses and ideal doses.

Becoming certified by organizations recognized by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence can make you more competitive when trying to land a sports nutrition job. An exercise certification through the American College of Sports Medicine is well respected in the field.

These credentials demonstrate that you maintain professional contacts in the field and engage in continuing education to stay aware of current trends and research.

Sports Nutritionists with one to four years of experience in the field can expect to make salaries ranging from $34,392 to $59,495 per year. Most dietitians and nutritionists working for a company can expect to make $33,433 to $61,000 per year with a median salary of $42,261. Those working for non-profit organizations such as community recreation centers can expect to earn salaries ranging from $39,786 to $53,145.

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