TV Health Shows

Nutrition, exercise and weight loss have become one of the most popular topics in mainstream media.

Television shows, especially reality T.V., allow viewers to watch the struggles and triumphs of individuals as they change their lifestyle and lose astounding amounts of weight.

NBC’s The Biggest Loser is likely one of the most popular of these shows. It turns weight loss into a competition with other contests and with oneself in order to win $250,000. Since its debut in 2004, the show now airs in over 90 countries and is produced in 25 countries. The show’s popularity has resulted in meal plans, workout videos, books and blogs. The contestants and winners of the show quickly become celebrities making the cover of magazines and serving as a positive example for all who strive to lose weight.

Discovery Health focuses on weight loss as entertainment and inspiration with the show I Lost It! which highlights the weight loss journey’s of average people. VH1 has drawn the attention of those interested in celebrities and their weight struggles through the show Celebrity Fit Club which has now evolved into Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp.

While these shows serve as a source of entertainment, they also serve as source of motivation for many. They bring the topics of nutrition, exercise and weight loss to the center of the media spotlight. This, in turn, leads to individuals seeking answers to their weight loss questions and guidance for incorporating healthy habits.

This is a positive thing for those in nutrition jobs. The demand for accurate, reliable information is high and qualified individuals working in a variety of nutrition jobs are positioned well to deliver it. Nutrition-focused counselors, writers and educators are needed to fill these positions. The more media and the entertainment industry increase interest in weight loss and nutrition, the more positive impact this will have on the presence and sustainability of nutrition jobs.


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