Community Wellness Jobs

Wellness nutrition jobs are those jobs that focus on overall wellness and healthy lifestyle. A wellness nutrition job can be found in employee-based wellness or work-life programs, in community centers such as YMCAs or recreational centers, at wellness spas, or in private practice.

In addition, these jobs can be more clinical in nature. In this case, nutrition professionals can work in weight loss clinics or at wellness clinics and retreat venues which help patients battle disordered eating.

Many wellness nutrition jobs are open to both dietitians and nutritionists with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field. However, the more clinical in nature, the more likely it will require status as a Registered Dietitian. In addition, professionals with a Ph.D. in the field may be required in clinical positions. Specialty training or certification in topics such as eating disorders or patient consultation is helpful in these areas of work.

Those working in community centers, fitness centers, workplace wellness programs and weight loss camps provide advice and guidance to clients about healthy eating. Dietary evaluation, one-on-one consultation and diet planning are all duties of the job. You may be responsible for conducting nutrition education classes and may implement nutrition programming. For example, in a community center or through a private practice you might have the opportunity to teach a healthy eating program to parents and their children. You can collaborate with other local health agencies to offer community programs such as health fares or special lectures.

Nutrition professionals working in weight loss clinics or who specialize in eating disorders will work closely with other medical professionals such as doctors and mental health experts to provide assistance to their patients. Duties include one-on-one and small group consultation, telephonic counseling, diet evaluation and nutrition education. As a professional in such a specialized field you may also be called upon for consult by outside agencies.

Dietitians and nutritionists working for non-profit organizations earn median salaries that range from $40,128 to $53,726. Those working for companies typically earn salaries of $39,411 to $55,631, while those working for private practice or a firm earn $34,890 to $49,979. Self-employed dietitians and nutritionists earn median salaries ranging from $45,009 to $70,000 per year.

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