Dive Jobs on Land

If you have a passion for diving, but don’t want to spend all your time in the water there are some really cool land based jobs for divers. It takes more than just dive instructors to make the underwater world function.

Dive Magazine Correspondent – Another way to get wet all over the world is to work for a dive magazine, like Sport Diver, Underwater, or Skin Diver.

You may not spend all your time underwater like a dive instructor or a commercial diver, but you will see all sorts of places and stay on top of the newest trends. Plus, you’ll have a home base, and you may even get paid to travel to the best sites in the world for “research.”

Dive Gear Sales – Work with an SCUBA equipment company can be interesting work. Companies like Mares, Oceanic, Seadoo, Akona, Pelican, ScubaPro, Sherwood, and so many more diving oriented companies need employees. You’ll have the opportunity to develop the newest equipment. Then travel the world, showing it at different dive conventions and dive shops. Your job will be more sales or design oriented than diving oriented, but you’ll get more than your fair share of diving. Someone has to test out the equipment, right?

Dive OrganizationsPADI, NAUI, and SSI are all large organizations. And someone has to work there, why not you? Jobs like these put you with people who are also passionate about diving, but want to have the security of a “real job.” These organizations have branches worldwide, but openings aren’t very common.

Travel Agent – Agencies like Scuba Duba, work with dive locations worldwide to bring divers to the best destinations. There are all sorts of local travel agencies that emphasize dive trips, so you should check your local yellow pages and the Internet. You’ll have to dive quite a bit to be able to tell your customers the honest truth about the location you’re sending them too. Not a bad perk of the job.

Dive Equipment Repair – Dive gear must be serviced every year to maintain safety functions. Often this job is done in a local dive shop. Even people in Montana, who are escaping the cold winter, need their equipment serviced before their annual dive trip.

A great motto to live by is – find what you love to do and you will never work again. And if diving is your passion, then going to work will be a joy, even if your not in the water all of the time.

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