January 17, 2018

9 Reasons Why You Failed The Job Interview

Finding a job is no easy task, yet it’s something that everyone has to do at some point in their life. Many people think that the resume and cover letters are the most important aspects of the job search, but the job interview is often the key to that can make or break your chances of landing your dream job.

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We stumbled upon an infographic on InsiderHub.com titled Funny HR Stats that highlights statistics about job interviews. There’s a good chance that you failed the job interview because of one of these mistakes. They are all things that you might overlook, but they most certainly make a difference in your chances of getting hired.

Below you’ll find nine likely reasons why you failed the job interview:

  • 70% Of Interviewees Were Too Trendy Or Fashionable
  • 67% Of Applicants Failed To Make Eye Contact With The Interviewer
  • 55% Were Rejected For The Way They Acted, Dressed, or Walked Through The Door
  • 47% Knew Little Or Nothing About The Company
  • 38% Did Not Get The Job Due to Their Overall Confidence Or Quality Of Voice
  • 38% Lacked A Smile
  • 33% Of Applicants Had Bad Posture
  • 26% Were Eliminated Due To Weak Handshakes
  • 21% Of Interviewees Crossed Their Arms Over Their Chest

Yikes! Are you guilty of any of these job interview mistakes? Probably. These eye opening HR stats go to show that the job search truly is competitive. It only takes one somewhat trivial mistake for you to fail the job interview.

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Read these posts and put this advice into action before your next job interview. It will make a difference in whether your job interview is a success or a failure. When you’re prepared and aware, your chances of getting hired skyrocket. Best of luck!

Check out the InsiderHub.com infographic to learn more statistics about the job search world including stats about email addresses, social media, and other useful information.

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