May 14, 2017

11 Steps To Go From Fired To Hired

Did you just get fired? Don’t let it get you down. Now is prime time for you to bounce back from this minor career setback. The sooner you get start searching for a new job, the sooner you’ll be on the fast track to success. Are you ready to go from fired to hired?

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You’re Fired! Now What?

Getting fired can seem like a devastating blow to your career and your self-esteem. It can be an emotionally challenging time in your professional life that can be downright frustrating. When you’re faced with an uncertain future, it can be a rocky road to get back in the game, but it’s something that you need to do ASAP.

If you’re trying to go from fired to hired, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Stay Positive – Don’t get too stressed by your current predicament. It’s just a minor road bump that you’re going to have to navigate. Feel free to vent amongst friends and family, but remember to keep it professional so that the things you say and feel don’t come back to haunt you.
  2. Determine Why You Were Fired – It’s essential that you understand why you were fired. This way you can turn your mistakes into learning points that can help you become more successful in the future.
  3. Research Your Options – The job options you have available at this point will depend on numerous factors (experience, education, location, etc.). Stop by to research what job opportunities you can pursue.
  4. Utilize Your Resources – Determine what resources are currently available to you. Can you take advantage of unemployment? Is your network ready and willing to help? Have you budgeted accordingly? Do you need to build your portfolio?
  5. Build Relationships – Never forget that the people you know will help you achieve success. Everybody you meet is someone that you can add to your network. Make a point to connect with new people and rekindle any relationships that you need to.
  6. Market Yourself – In today’s modern job search, you need to market yourself. Create your web presence, build your personal brand, and grow your social/blog followers and fans. Get your name out there as a subject matter expert who can influence the masses and who can be found by recruiters.
  7. Search For Jobs – Finding job listings isn’t as challenging as it might sound. Head over to the JobMonkey JobCenter to search and apply for jobs. Set up job alerts to get notified when relevant job listings are posted. Use job board technology to your advantage. Also think outside of the box and search for jobs in other places too.
  8. Prep Your Resume & Cover Letter – You won’t make it far in the job search without these useful tools. Customize your resume and cover letter for each and every job.
  9. Apply For Jobs – Follow all directions laid out in the job applications.
  10. Prepare For The Job Interview – If you’ve recently been fired, this can be tricky. The chances are high that you will be asked why you were fired. You need to honestly explain what happened, while putting a positive spin on the situation. The way you answer this question will have a direct impact on whether you will land the job or not.
  11. Be The Best Job Candidate Ever – We’ve written lots of blog posts on how you can beat the competition, impress recruiters, and be the best job candidate ever. Do your best to ooze excellence at all times. Go above and beyond what’s asked of you. Impress everyone you meet at every opportunity. Be the professional that you were meant to be.

7 Steps For Getting A Job After Being Fired

Hopefully these simple steps will ensure you become gainfully employed sooner than later. If you need additional job search advice to help you stay on the right track, please stop by Then when you’re ready, search and apply for your next job on

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