March 15, 2017

The Highest Paying Jobs In America In 2017

Is 2017 the year of the big paycheck? If you’re looking for one of the highest paying jobs in America in 2017, then this is the post for you. Just this month, released their annual list of the highest paying jobs in America. Can you guess what careers made the list for 2017?

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Make Over $120,000 Per Year With These High Paying Jobs

Finding the perfect job for you requires quite a bit of research. So many factors come into play – location, work-life balance, perks & benefits, employers, personal interests, education requirements, and of course paychecks. It’s your responsibility to prioritize these things and then fine tune your job search to focus on jobs that meet your criteria.

If you’re keen to find one of the highest paying jobs in America in 2017, then this list from Glassdoor will help you focus on the top jobs. Without further ado, here is Glassdoor’s list of the highest paying jobs in America:

  1. Physician – $187,876
  2. Pharmacy Manager – $149.064
  3. Patent Attorney – $139,272
  4. Medical Science Liaison – $132,842
  5. Pharmacist – $125,847
  6. Enterprise Architect – $112,560
  7. Physician Assistant – $112,529
  8. Applications Development Manager – $112,045
  9. R&D Manager – $11905
  10. Corporate Controller – $110,855
  11. Software Engineering Manager – $109,350
  12. IT Architect – $105,303
  13. Software Architect – $104,754
  14. Nurse Practitioner $104,144
  15. Solutions Architect – $102,678
  16. Data Architect – $102,091
  17. Actuary – $99,507
  18. IT Program Manager – $98,883
  19. UX Manager – $98,353
  20. Systems Architect – $97,873
  21. Plant Manager – $97,189
  22. Scrum Master – $95,167
  23. Financial Planning & Analysis Manager – $94,862
  24. Nuclear Engineer – $94,852
  25. Attorney $94,695

View the original post on to learn more about these jobs including how many job openings exist, the methodology used to make the list, and the hottest cities where you can find these jobs.

We found it interesting to compare this year’s list with the list of the highest paying jobs in America in 2016. There are certainly a few changes worth checking out.

The Highest Paying Job In Every State in 2016

Which of these jobs are you likely to pursue? Stop by to learn about these jobs and other cool jobs. When you’re ready, head over to the JobMonkey JobCenter to search and apply for jobs. Happy job hunting!

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