December 5, 2017

17 Fascinating Jobs For History Buffs

History is the study of past events. It’s fascinating to learn about the people, places, events, and ideas that shaped our modern world. Learning about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of time provides all of us with unique insights into how the world works. Understanding history can prepare us for the future – and that’s important.

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The beauty of history is that there are so many fascinating aspects to study. Every history buff can find a niche that captures their imagination: Vikings, World War II, serial killers, politics, music, Ancient Rome, historical mysteries, cars, scandals, movies, sports, art, religion, medicine, medieval times, dinosaurs, invaders, disasters, drugs, samurai, military, folk heroes, mythology, culture, and the list goes on. What historical niche piques your curiosity?

History has shaped the human experience, but it can also shape your career. Let’s take a look at  a selection of cool jobs for history buffs:

  1. Tour Guide
  2. Archaeologist
  3. Historian
  4. Documentary Filmmaker
  5. Archivist
  6. Researcher
  7. Professor/Teacher
  8. Writer
  9. Anthropologist
  10. Geographer
  11. Museum Consultant
  12. Park Ranger
  13. Dramaturge
  14. Political Scientist
  15. Genealogist
  16. Museum Curator
  17. Librarian

Which of these cool jobs for history buffs appeals to you? With a history job, you might work deep in the field in some far flung location, teach university lectures,  solve historical mysteries, or share your knowledge with curious tourists. When history is your job, every day is great because the topic that fascinates you is the focus of your job. How cool is that?

Everyone can learn from the past – and the past deserves to be remembered. There’s a famous quote from George Santayana that goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We highly encourage you to learn about the success and the failures of the past. It might be the best way to ensure that you have a bright future.

Why don’t you focus your career on an exciting historical niche? Search and apply for fascinating jobs for history lovers on the JobMonkey JobCenter today.

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