Health Care Volunteers Needed Abroad!

Lack of sufficient health care is a universal problem, and the demand for health care professionals is high. Diseases such as malaria, hepatitis, and AIDS are still rampant in many parts of Latin America and Asia but pose major threats in many African nations.

In addition to hospitals and state-run clinics, many small NGOs have been established to provide free health care and immunizations to the poor. Volunteers will find themselves filling a variety of health care roles. Doctors and nurses are used to providing check-ups and immunizations, while less experienced volunteers help to spread awareness about safe hygiene practices and the risk factors for disease.

Nowhere are health care volunteers needed more than Africa, specifically those with previous medical experiences.

While programs are being introduced to prevent the spread of the disease, AIDS is responsible for more than 3 million deaths every year in Africa, with the rate of infection still rising, compounding the effects on poverty on the community. While some nations such as Uganda have seen major successes in stopping the rampant spread of the disease, others have seen as much as 25% of their population become infected. Volunteers can work with doctors and nurse in treatment facilities for people living with AIDS, as well as in live-in centers.

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