Volunteer Opportunities In Nepal

Nepal is a small country rich in natural resources and beauty. Nestled in the Himalayas, the country boasts ancient temples and some of the most sought after trails and mountain adventures on the planet. Volunteers interested in preserving the natural beauty of the mountains exploring the spiritual need look no further than Nepal.

Population & Culture

Nepal is markedly diverse, with more than 24 different tribal communities making up the population. These tribes include the Newars, Tibetans and Bhutanese. Ninety per cent of the population practices the Hindu faith. The country has remained in political upheaval for many years.

Most recently, attempts at democracy have been thwarted by the monarchy’s repeated dissolution of government bodies. Thus, there has been no real democracy in place since 2005, with the king making all laws and using the military to stomp out any opposition. This could change, however, with democratic elections slated for this year.


Similar to that of India, Nepal’s climate shifts dramatically around the monsoon season from June to October. Immediately following the monsoons is the dry season, which lasts through April, followed by the heat of the summer through June. December and January are the coolest months, especially in the mountains, and May and June can be so hot and humid that many might find it and uncomfortable time of year. These seasons are drastically different in the high altitude regions of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau, where temperatures remain very cold and dry throughout the year.

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