Volunteering In Mexico

For residents of North America, Mexico can be a less-expensive option for volunteering overseas. Some states in the U.S. are in driving distance, and airfares are typically less expensive. This is especially true since Mexico is a popular tourist destination, and even if you aren’t volunteering in Cancun of Cabo San Lucas, you can probably find a cheap flight that will get you a step closer your destination.

Before you plan a volunteer abroad adventure in Mexico, you might want to learn a bit about the country first. This article doesn’t begin to cover all of the areas of Mexico, since it’s a country that is as expansive as it is diverse. But to start off, keep reading for more information about Mexico.

Quick Fact: More than 6,000,000 Mayans live in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.

About Mexico

Mexico truly has a little of everything. Over the expanse of land just south of the U.S. you’ll find everything from snow-covered mountains to pristine beaches, ancient ruins and commercialized tourist resorts.

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Mexico’s diversity is no more present than in its topography, and the country’s climate varies along with it. On the higher elevations of the inland cities (like Mexico City), the climate is quite dry, leaving temperatures in the temperate (15-21ºC/59º-70ºF) range. However, along the coast (which draws more tourists) the weather is generally hotter and more humid.

Population & Currency

The peoples of Mexico are predominantly (60%) “mestizo” or mixed European/Indian descent. 30% of the population is categorized as indigenous, and where native cultures include Maya, Mixtec, Totonas and Nahua, among others. The other 10% of people are categorized as other. Religious preference leans heavily towards Roman Catholic (90%) with 7% practicing other Christian faiths and the remaining 3% a mix of other faiths. The official currency of Mexico is the peso.

Mexico Volunteer Organizations

  • Casa Alianza is a UK-based charity working with homeless youth in locations around the world. The Mexico program is based in Mexico City, and many of the children served have been victims of human trafficking, are infected HIV, or have addiction problems.
  • Adelante Abroad is primarily a study abroad program, but they offer vacations abroad with an emphasis on volunteer work in Oaxaca, Mexico. You can plan a volunteer trip for anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Volunteers work with local businesses, museums and nonprofits to gain valuable business experience.
  • Amigos de la Americas operates volunteer initiatives all over Latin America, but their Mexico site is in Oaxaca, where volunteers encourage local youth to participate in educational activities provided by local agencies.

Quick Summary:

  • Mexico can be a less expensive volunteer abroad option for people living in North America.
  • Working with street children and orphans are popular volunteer jobs in Mexico.
  • Oaxaca is a state in Mexico that is popular for volunteers abroad.


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