Volunteering In Africa

Like Latin America, Africa is a vast region of broad diversity. Some of the most profound poverty exists on the continent, and many regions are still ravaged by civil war and political unrest.

It would be impossible to adequately address all regions of Africa in this section. Instead, focus will be on those countries that have the most established NGOs and programs available, and those that have been most popular with foreign volunteers for reasons of need, as well as safety. Also, to get a feel for what a South Africa trip would be like visit our partner site, FrugalMonkey.

Western Sun-Saharan Africa, for example, is incredibly dangerous for and international traveler and while volunteer placements do exists there, it is not an ideal volunteering location at this time.

Health & Safety

Like Latin America, each nation of Africa has its own health and safety concerns. Many still battle with diseases such as yellow fever and malaria, and some require immunizations in order to enter the country. In addition, because of the constant changes to the political climate in Africa, it is important to consult the available consular resources for warnings and advice about which nations are safe for foreigners and which are not.

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