Green & Environmental Volunteer Jobs

Eco Lodge Opportunities

Throughout Latin America, particularly along the Costa Rican and Guatemalan coastlines, communes and similar communities have been introduced, which use natural resources (windmills, solar energy) to become self-sustainable and thus reduce the amount of pollution destroying the environment.

These ‘eco-lodges’ exists not only for the people who live there, but as a means to spread awareness about responsible (green) farming and gardening practices, as well as sustainable energy sources.

Ecolodges also exists within the jungles of central Africa, and in the sub-Sahara, where citizens are encouraged to adopt organic and sustainable farming techniques.

Volunteering For Wildlife Refuges

Central America (esp. Costa Rica and Guatemala) is a prime destination for those looking for volunteer work with wildlife.

These opportunities can include rescue of sea animals (whales, turtles, dolphins) along the many miles of coastline to working in animal rescue centers, assisting veterinarians and other animal professionals with the nursing and care of sick, endangered and motherless animals, with the ultimate goal of returning them to their natural habitats. Volunteers in the this field fulfill a wide variety of functions, and can enter a volunteer program with any skill set, as long as they also have the desire to improve our earth and its living conditions.

The African desert offers a different kind of experience, with refuges in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe teeming with national parks and reserves, where elephants, cheetahs and other wildlife are always in need of volunteer support to track endangered animals and preserve this natural resource.

Conservation Volunteer Efforts

Environmental conservation projects are generally facilitated by a local non-profit looking to establish programs (recycling or organic gardening, for example) as well as educate local citizens on the importance of respecting and caring for the environment.
Conservation volunteers could find themselves participating in a reforestation initiative in the quickly diminishing rain forests areas or participating in migratory research of the areas wildlife. Conservation activities in Latin America also extend to preservation of archaeological sites, including ancient structures of the Mayan, Aztec or other native populations, with African activities including archaeological digs at million-year old sites rich in fossils and the first evidence of man.

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