Title Examiner, Abstractor, and Searcher Jobs

The job of a title examiner, abstractor, or searcher, generally speaking, is to carefully review public and private records on behalf of law and real estate offices as well as for title insurance companies. By searching real estate records, examining titles and deeds, and summarizing legal or insurance documents for attorneys, etc. they are able to verify information such as properties’ legal descriptions, ownership, or restrictions. The job may also entail compiling lists of mortgages, contracts, and other instruments pertaining to deeds titles.

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To start a career as a title examiner, abstractor, or searcher usually requires vocational classes, related on-the-job experience, or an AA degree. In some instances, the successful completion of an college internship or the passing of a licensing exam may be required. A legal background as well as skills in writing, research, organization, and computers may also be helpful for success in this job.

Title Examiner Salary

Here’s the latest salary information according to Glassdoor.com:


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