April 13, 2010

Reality TV Calling Calls

Are you a fan of reality TV? I’ve watched a few episodes of Survivor, but never an entire season, and I’ve followed American Idol a couple of times (I may have even cried when David Cook won!).

But my one true reality TV love is the Amazing Race. I love watching that show and imagining how I would do things differently than the contestants, of course, getting the earliest flights and acing all the challenges (except for those sick eating ones — yuck!). I wonder how they spend their down-time — do they just catch up on sleep or do they get to do any sightseeing? What are the behind-the-scenes dynamics really like? I’m even such a fan that I watch the after-show videos online. You know, the ones where they follow around the eliminated contestants.

Am I the only one? Or do you also watch The Amazing Race, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance or other reality shows, all the while imagining yourself in the contestant’s shoes and thinking to yourself, “I could totally do that!”? If you think you have what it takes to dance, sing, “survive”, travel, lose weight, cook or design dresses your way to stardom, check out our articles on calling calls and audition schedules for the top reality shows.

So You Think You Can Dance – auditions are typically held in January through March for the following season

The Amazing Race

Survivor – auditions are usually held in the summer and early fall

America’s Next Top Model – must be at least 5’7” and 18  years or older

Top Chef

The Biggest Loser

Project Runway

Do you have a favorite reality TV show that we don’t cover on the JobMonkey? Tell us which one in our comments section, so we can bring you the latest information!

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