Auditioning for The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race offers teams the opportunity to audition and be on a reality TV show together. This can be husbands and wives, sisters, brothers, and friends, among others.

The Amazing Race Has you Apply as an Entire Team

CBS holds open castings for the show that are announced in various cities across the country, and some casting calls allow only the first 100 teams to audition, or have other kinds of limitations. The application form can be found on the CBS website towards the end of the current season, which consists of about 8 pages of detailed questions. The way in which you answer these, coupled with your application video will determine your chances of being selected to be on The Amazing Race.  
The open castings will give the teams the opportunity to say who they are and why they would be ideal for The Amazing Race in front of the cameras for 1 – 3 minutes. These casting calls vary in how they are run with some places asking calling teams in groups of 10, while others are seen individually.

Many of the teams entering have camped outside the casting venues to ensure that they get in to see the screeners and make their pitch to the cameras. You also have to hand in your completed application form which can be found on the CBS website.

The eligibility requirements will need to be read prior to auditioning and these include being over 21 years of age, having a valid driver’s license, passport, and you must also hand in a photo with your application. You will be asked about your travel experiences and you will obviously need to have a current passport to enable you to enter the show. You can also send in your video to the producers with information about yourself and why you want to be on The Amazing Race. This video can be done in any creative way you like, for example, one team that entered chose a Mission Impossible theme and had to complete various missions as they tried to get onto the show.

There are various requirements for sending in a video one of which that it must be no longer than 3 minutes.

The contract that you have to sign when you apply for The Amazing Race also gives the producers permission to perform and background check on you and confirms your commitment to the show, so before you apply, make sure that you really want to do it and will be able to.

Like all other reality TV show you will also have to sign a confidentiality contract to state that you are not allowed to discuss any aspects of the recording of the show with anyone. The producers of The Amazing Race are looking for a certain charisma and personality from the contestants and want the teams to have an interesting or strong relationship. You have to look good on camera and offer a certain dynamic and confidence if you want to be chosen. The winner of The Amazing Race will win $1 Million.

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