Types of Summer Camps

No two summer camps are alike! If you attended camp as a child, you probably have an idea in your mind about what the “best” summer camp will be like, but summer camps come in all shapes and sizes, just like the campers they serve. When you interview for a summer camp job, it is important to understand the type of camp for which you will be working if hired.

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Sports Camps

By far, one of the most popular types of summer camps for children is one that is centered on sports. No matter what sport a child enjoys, a summer camp is available to help him or her hone skills. If you love a particular sport, this kind of a camp might be the perfect employer for you. Nurses are especially important at these camps, as sports injuries are common.

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Religious Summer Camps

Many churches and religious organizations sponsor summer camps every year for youth group members. At religious summer camps, campers will enjoy the typical camp activities, but there will be a religious twist on everything they do, and daily devotionals and prayers are usually a part of the camp life. If you are interested in working at a religious camp, it is usually best that you practice the religion being promoted.

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Gender Specific Camps

Some parents are simply not comfortable sending their children to co-ed camps. Therefore, there are many camps specifically for boy or specifically for girls. In some cases, a boys-only camp will be associated with a girls-only camp and the two camps will do some activities together. Working at a gender-specific camp can be great, especially when working with older campers, because the pressures related to the opposite sex melt away and campers can have more fun.

Fitness Camps

Everyone’s heard of fat camps – and they really do exist. The more politically correct term, however, is fitness camp or health camp. At these camps, physical activity and healthy foods are of the utmost importance, and workers must be physically fit themselves in order to be role models for the campers. The nursing staff at fitness camps usually includes a nutritionist and experts in the health field can find seasonal jobs at these kinds of camps. Also, if you are a member of the kitchen staff, you may have to go through special training in order to learn how to cook in the healthiest way possible.

Scouting Camps

Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps are among the most popular types of camps for children. Counselors and administration at scout camps usually were scouts themselves as children, and activities revolving around self-reliance, outdoor skills, and honor are specifically a part of scouting camps. At most scouting summer camps, the campers work towards earning badges, so employees at these camps will help are in charge of making sure specific requirements are met. Special events like flag ceremonies may also be an integral part of scouting camps.

Special-Interest or Themed Camps

If a child specifically loves a certain hobby, camps may be available to cater to these interests. For example, a camp may be based on martial arts, computers, writing, music, horseback riding, or any number of interests. At these camps, the main focus is usually on that specific hobby, and camp employees who deal with the campers, like the counselors or administration, usually must have vast knowledge of this hobby. As campers get older, experts in the field are crucial to provide the best camping experience.

Adult Summer Camps

Not all camps are for children! In some cases, summer camps may run adult programs for grown-ups wishing to get away. In many cases, these adult camps fall into two varieties; the first is weekend camps that are two or three days long and usually cater to a specific interest and the second is self-help camps that are programs designed for rehabilitating adults, like drug users or alcoholics.

Special-Needs Camps

When a child has mental or physical disabilities, regular summer camp may not be an option. However, summer camps for these children are still available to give them that prized camp experience. These types of summer camps are usually not as long as typical summer camp programs that last for an entire summer. More staff than normal is also necessary, although you may have to have special certifications to work at these types of camps.

Boot Camps

For juveniles in trouble with the law, boots camps are special summer camps focusing on discipline. Boot camps operate year-round, but special summer boot camps may focus more on nature and outdoor skills. To work at a boot camp, you may need special training or clearances. Remember that the children with whom you’ll be working will often be troublemakers and disobedient, and your goal will be to create a positive change in attitude.

Day Camps

Not all summer camps last all summer or have campers sleep overnight. Some are camps in the community that run programs for enrolled campers just during the day. At a certain time, campers go are picked up and return home. At these camps, less employees are needed, especially in the kitchen, and full-time opportunities may not be as abundant.

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