Finding the Perfect Summer Camp

When you’re searching for summer camp jobs, keep in mind that a summer camp will be your home for a few months. Therefore, it is extremely important to only apply at summer camps where you feel you’ll be a good fit. If you hate sports, a football camp is probably not for you! There are a number of things to consider when searching for employers.

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Here’s a list of items to evaluate:

Would you like to get away, to a completely different part of the country? It’s common for a camp in Maine to advertise for summer camp staff in a college newspaper as far away as Washington State. At many camps the staff will be comprised of people from all over the country – even the world.

Large or small camp? Do you want to spend your time at a huge camp with hundreds of campers or perhaps a smaller number? Do your homework on each camp that you’re interested in. Consider what’s best for you.

How rustic can you stand it? It’s important to consider whether you truly want to ‘get back to nature’ for an entire summer. Do you really want to sleep in an unheated bunkhouse a stone’s throw from the lake’s or ocean’s edge? For that matter, do you prefer the ocean over a lake? Newer facilities or older? There are hundreds of camps to choose from, and more than one will provide just the right amount of ‘nature.’ Maybe you’d be better of working at a dude ranch if you desire genuine dirt.

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Consider the length of camper sessions – 1 week, 2 weeks, etc. – and the number of sessions for the summer.

If you’re traveling a long distance from home to your camp, then it’s important to consider things you may want to see and do along the way there or back.

Summer camp staff do have time to enjoy themselves here and there. Consider the types of leisure activities you would have at one camp versus another.

And definitely consider the types of summer camp activities made available at your targeted camps. Horseback riding, BMX cycling, canoeing, hiking…what appeals to you?

More and more summer camps hire staff from overseas to fill the many positions open each summer. If it’s an issue to you, then ask your targeted camps about the staff composition.

When it comes down to it, only take the summer camp job if you’ll be happy and successful in the position. Search our Job Center and also look at summer job boards that specialize in seasonal employment listings to find summer camp jobs nationwide.

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