Summer Camp Environment

Summer camps range from rustic to state of the art. Before you accept a job offer, make sure to ask about your living conditions. Some members of the staff, like counselors, will live on site with the campers, and that might mean spending your summer in a tent or cabin.

Summer Camp Sign

Be aware of the conditions under which you will live.

Will there be running water? Will you be provided free meals? Are there staff quarters or will you sleep in the same places as the children?

Along these lines, it is also important to ask what your hours will be like. For some members of the staff, like nurses, the job requires them to be on-call during all hours of the night. The same is true for some administration positions and for counselors. If a camper is awake all night crying due to homesickness, you might be awake all night too. Summer camp counselors regularly work longer than eight hours.

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