Your Personal Summer Job Goals

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Before you apply as a line cook at a summer camp, take a moment to look at your personal goals for the future. Remember that each job you take will be another point on your resume for the future. If you don’t plan to go into the food service industry, is the seasonal cooking job the best position for you? Of course, a job means money, and you have to start at a less desirable position if you have no experience, but if you’re confident in specific skills, look for a job that can capitalize on these skills. If a certain camp doesn’t have opening in the field in which you’re interested, look for other opportunities before you feel forced to take a job you don’t want just for the money.

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Also, consider where you’re at in life and the kind of memories you want to make – both for yourself and others! Would it be more memorable and rewarding to work closely with kids during your college break (if you’re in college) or to simply be in a camp environment but working more in the background?

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