Video Industry Resources

Local/National Video Associations

Industry-Specific Associations

Video Career Resources

  • About Video Editing: A website specifically for video editors that features hardware guides, software and book reviews, tutorials and tips.
  • Association of Video Professionals: A business organization for video professionals in need of additional training, marketing, benefits and technical support.
  • Creative Cow: Offers a variety of tutorials, event listings, forums and a magazine for videographer professionals.
  • Digital Video Professionals Association: A great resource that offers specific advice for videographers, video editors, animators and even students! Here you will find industry-related blogs, news, reviews, training and plentiful discounts on software, equipment and a variety of video services.
  • Filming Holidays: A basic guide for those interested in travel videography jobs that features a manual, how-to videos and some helpful statistics on this burgeoning industry.
  • Independent Media Publications: A nonprofit organization that provides information for independent media-makers. Could be a great source of information for independent videographers and documentary videographers.
  • Features access to more than 56,000 online tutorials for a variety of video editing and production software.
  • Media Communications Association International: An association for a wide variety of media communications professionals, including videographers. It is a great resource for networking and has forums and informational resources.
  • News Videographer: Online video journalism critiques, training, news and forums for community support.
  • Online Video: Features news updates, case studies, how-to articles, buyer’s guides and reviews of video production tools, online video platforms and more.
  • Pro Video Training: An educational resource for videographers that focuses on the administrative side of the business. Offers training in sales, marketing, customer service and basic to advanced video production techniques.
  • Variety: Weekly news magazine.
  • Video Age International: A business journal for videographers who work in the production, distribution and broadcasting industries.
  • A print magazine and website that covers the High-Definition (HD) content creation community. A great source for equipment reviews and recommendations, and industry-related news.
  • Video Maker: Go-to resource for videographers, regardless of industry. They publish a magazine, offer extensive training and tutorials and consistently update their web page with the latest reviews of techniques, equipment, camcorders and other types of video gear.
  • Video University: A great source for those interested in staying up to date on the latest in trends, techniques, equipment and technology in the video production industry.
  • Koh Tao Videography Training: A school based in Thailand that offers training, courses and recommendations/reviews for underwater video equipment.


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