Types of Video Positions

One of great things about the videography industry is the diversity of jobs within it. You may find yourself working in television, video or the motion picture fields. Of if you choose to work a freelance/contract videographer, you can expect to work with individuals and/or large or small corporations. Even still, there are three fundamental types of videographer jobs: camera operation, video production and video editing.

Camera Operation

Strictly speaking, the person who operates the camera, is called a videographer. And in addition to camera operation, he or she may also be in charge of lighting and sound while on set or location. The nature of this work really depends on a variety of factors. For instance, on a large movie set or in a television studio with a large budget, the videographer may work with a team of two or three other videographers, in addition to separate sound and lighting technicians. On smaller sets with smaller budgets, or in work environments where there is only one camera operator, you will find yourself responsible for operating the camera, capturing sound and maintaining appropriate lighting. The videographer is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the satellite, maintaining and repairing video walls, video tape editing in various formats, creating graphics for the cruise events and information channel, shooting and editing video tapes, and programming the broadcast room (such as tuning a TV & radio). They use industry-specific cameras to shoot television series, news, sporting events, weddings, music videos, short films, documentaries or commercials. Additionally, camera operators who work in the studio are called studio camera operators while those work for news or reporting organizations are called electronic news gathers (ENG). Steadicam operators shoot video on a steadicam either for difficult-to-achieve shots or while on location.

Video Production

The craft of video and film production includes the taping, editing and distribution of finished video products. Typically, this takes place in three stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production includes scouting for a location, deciding which kind and how many crew members the production will need, storyboarding (outlining the story from beginning to end), and budgeting for location costs, equipment, labor and other costs. While this phase does not involve any videotaping, except for testing purposes, those who work in video pre-production are just as crucial to the process because their efforts help to ensure that production runs smoothly and efficiently. Video production includes designing the set or location, lighting, directing and videotaping. When the cameras stop rolling, the post-production phase takes over. While video editing is a crucial part of this step, post-production includes so much more. Careers available in post-production include adding special effects, writing/recording a soundtrack, sound design and distribution.

Video Editing

This is the art of putting together or taking away scenes that have been taped to make a cohesive video that ‘communicates’ its message effectively. The video editor focuses on editing video, though he may assist in the production stages as well. He is a highly skilled technician who is ultimately responsible for the quality and cohesive technical elements of a soundtrack, film or video. Some types of video editor jobs include editing music videos, commercials, feature films or corporate videos. As with camera operators, the video editor should have knowledge of lighting, sound and editing techniques, while still finding work that focuses on one of those as a niche.

Other Types of Jobs

Because of the advent and sophistication of digital technology, other types of video jobs have proliferated. For instance, gaming, digital animation, 3D animation, editing podcasts or other online videos. There are many other types of jobs within the videography field that do not include camera operation and are completed entirely on the computer. There is also work to be found as an assistant, either to video editors, camera operators or within the pre- and post-production stages.

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