Film Production Jobs

Those who work in film production also work behind the scenes like film crew, but they rarely operate any equipment, cameras, lighting or audio devices.

Most of these positions require at least an undergraduate degree in video/film production in addition to several years of experience working on set during production. If you are interested in getting one of these film production jobs, it is said that the easiest way is to start out as a Production Assistant. This is an entry-level job with administrative duties, but you will make important industry contacts and see firsthand how movies and television shows are made.

Producer: Producers do not get get nearly as much recognition as do actors or Directors, but their’s is the most important job on set and they tend to wield the most authority. The producer makes the movie, or television show, happen. They coordinate all aspects of making a movie or show, they supervise production and they are usually in charge of fundraising, hiring staff and crew members and arranging for distribution (basically advertising for the movie). The producer is involved in all phases of production.

Executive Producer: The executive producer is a vanity credit in a movie that is given in name only. Typically, this credit is given to those who have paid for it or for those who have invested a lot of money into the production of the movie.

Director: The director is in charge of all creative aspects of the production phase. Their most important responsibility is directing the performance’s of the actors and extras, but they are involved with other creative aspects of video production like shoot location and set-up, lighting, etc. They often work the cinematographer to achieve their creative vision for this project and they supervise assistant directors who keep them up to date on daily production operations. Additionally, they control how the film’s plot progresses by making notes on performances or on scripts.

Production Manager: In charge of the staff, crew members, technology, equipment-wrangling, budget and scheduling during the production phases. Reports to the producer and informs this person on daily production issues. This person is also the immediate supervisor to the Production Coordinator.

Production Coordinator: Coordinates all aspects of production and is in charge of hiring, renting crew and booking talent.

Associate Producer/Production: During the production phase of shooting, the Associate Producer assists the producer with scheduling production, hiring crew and ordering equipment.

Associate Producer/Post: During the post-production phase of shooting, the Post Producer assists in all phases of audio and video editing.

Unit Manager: A similar role as the Production Manager, but for secondary shooting only.

First Assistant Director (First AD): Manages set by maintaining discipline and order on set between the film crew, actors and other production staff. They keep production running smoothly by setting up an on-set workflow process. The First AD also reports to the Director and informs him on daily production activities.

Second Assistant Director (Second AD): Reports to and assists the First AD.

Production Assistant: An entry-level position in the movie and television industry. Production assistants assist the producers and the assistant producers by doing gofer work like running errands, making copies, scheduling meetings, etc. Think of it as an on-set administrative assistant. Supervises extras and crew while also producing and maintaining contracts, production reports, call sheets and other production paperwork.

Script Supervisor: Supervises the scheduling, shooting and recording of the script and any script information. They take notes on camera and lighting placement, dialogue, action, wardrobe, makeup and takes and offer suggestions to correct for shooting and facilitate editing during post-production. See related: script writing jobs.

Unit Production Manager: Coordinates administrative and financial details of television production. May also assist the producer or director in hiring crew and extras. In the pre-production phase, this person also approves and keeps track of the budget.

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