Vlogging Jobs

Thanks to YouTube, Vimeo and advances in digital video technology, there are quite a few job opportunities in podcasting or videoblogging (vlogging, for short).

Pod-casting is prevalent in traditional print media like newspapers trade journals and magazines who have expanded their respective brands to include exclusive online content. It is a non-streamed webcast that are often released in web episodes, through web syndication or as downloadable content.

Some companies may use their film production staff to produce exclusive video podcasts in episodic form, while companies may hire a videographer to produce a a series of online commercials or advertisements that will be available for download.

Video blogging is usually completed by a one-person team for the purpose of blogging, writing or disseminating information, but with the help of video. Typically, video bloggers use high-level prosumer camcorders to tape themselves, and then they edit the video and upload it for online consumption. Although it used to be rare, the same media that hires videographers for podcasts may are starting to hire video bloggers because this helps to establish brand loyalty and more intimate communication.

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