Video Jobs in the Court Room

Court/Legal videography jobs are a fairly new career in the video field. It was not long ago that it consisted only of filming court depositions, but it has expanded into a viable and rewarding career option for those interested in the court/legal process.

These days, videographers record scenes of incidents, proof of damages, ceremonies, focus groups, construction videos, insurance fraud, videotaped wills, settlement documentaries and more. Court/legal videography jobs do not require formal training, although it is almost always beneficial. Court/legal videographers receive special training in different levels of court and legal video and all levels are trained to recognize the requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures and the Federal Rules of Evidence, in addition to State and District rules. Most training facilities offer certificates to professional videographers in the following fields:

  • Certified Deposition Video Specialist: This person is certified to record video of depositions.
  • Certified Court Video Specialist: This person is certified to do court depositions and settlement documentaries.
  • Certified Legal Video Instructor: This person is certified to instruct others.
  • Certified Senior Court Videographer: Awarded to a senior member, this person is typically awarded to a someone who already holds a certificate and has served as videographer with distinction.


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