Reasons Why Some At-Home Businesses Fail

Not every home business that begins turns into a success. For every successful business there are three or four unsuccessful businesses. The same is true for at home businesses – that for every success story there is a business somewhere that has failed.

There are however, some factors that commonly contribute to why this is the case. In being able to identify these causes, you can more easily avoid them and look for solutions.


The reason behind why most at-home businesses fail is commonly related to the time it takes in starting a business. When a business first begins, it isn’t always immediately successful. The time it takes to nurture a growing business, apply marketing techniques to bring in new clients, build business strategies and simply dedicate to the growing project can be staggering. Time and time again people underestimate the amount of time it takes to really grow and run a business. Most small business owners who began their business from scratch will tell you the time it takes to build a successful business is daunting. While not every business requires 14-hour days, and people who work from home hardly want to exchange their commuting hours for longer work hours at home, working from home can be very time consuming. The fact remains that a serious amount of time is required to grow a business and many people simply won?t dedicate the time necessary for the business to succeed.


Dedication to being productive while working from home is also harder than you might think. While starting your own business is time consuming enough, people who work from home often think that simply taking away the commute and stress of the office means that productive and successful work days from home will naturally follow.

However, the inability to stay focused while working from home is a large reason behind why many at-home businesses fail. People aren?t prepared to really dedicate themselves to the hard work it takes to be successful in working from home. It is simply harder to stay on task because of the distractions of the home. If you are starting your own business staying dedicated to the project in the face of a lot of hard work means that many times, people just simply stop working and businesses fail.


The cost of starting a business is a classic reason why many fail. When a business first starts it requires not only a lot of time and dedication but also money. While this isn’t always the case and many at-home business can be run off of very little start up money, the costs involved sometimes means taking a pay cut. Cost issues surrounding working from home are a common reason behind why these ventures sometimes do not succeed.

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