Self Employed or Working for Someone Else

There are many types of jobs one can employ when working from home. One category that helps explain this is in identifying who you work for. Do you work for yourself or someone else? When choosing a job that involves working from home, identifying what category you want to work under will help you narrow your focus.

Working For Yourself

People who work for themselves and for their own businesses are doing so more frequently from the comforts of home. People choose to move or create their businesses from home for a variety of reasons.

These include reasons such as: being home with kids and family, cutting down on business costs, facilitating a busy lifestyle and being able to access the work when, where and how you so choose.

Working from home for your own business has its own set of pros and cons however. Pros involve setting your own schedule and being your own boss, while the cons include the stress of owning your own business, the difficulty in separating work and home and the financial pressures of a company. How the pros and cons interplay is different for each business but working for yourself is a very popular method and reason behind why so many people work from home.

Working for yourself can include a wide variety of businesses. Some people run full companies from home while others do side jobs or projects. Freelance work can be that of an artist, designer or writer and falls under the category of working for yourself. Educators and tutors (people who teach instruments, languages or tutor school subjects) represent a group of people who can work from home as well. One thing to look in to is Forex trading, which is covered separately on JobMonkey.

Working for yourself is unique for work from home professionals, because many of these jobs can just as easily be work that you do for an employer. The choice lies in who dictates the work. Using the example of educators and tutors, there are numerous teachers who work for schools and are paid for by the school board.

Conversely there are numerous educators who are hired privately. This is a perfect example of how the same job changes based on who you want to be your employer.

Working for an Employer from Home

The opposite of working from home for yourself is working from home for an employer. This other category of jobs for work from home professionals is equally diverse and includes many different forms of work.

Some people who work from home but have a set employer are consultants. These professionals often have worked for years in a field with such prestige that they are paid to consult on a business, but aren’t required to come in each day. This is a unique form of working from home but one that represents how diverse the range of jobs can be within this category.

Many work from home jobs involve a set employer that allow remote work. This can include data entry, mystery shopping, cold calling, sales jobs, proofreaders, editors, virtual assistants and many more. Finding jobs with an employer who will allow you to complete your work from home is rare for some fields, but common in others. Some of the above jobs represent work that is both popular in-office as well as from home.

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