Writing, Editing and Blogging Jobs

In the last few years the ability to work from home boomed for writers, editors, proofreaders and now bloggers. The presence of the Internet in peoples homes and the progression of content needed online has facilitated many jobs that take place remotely.

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Writers who freelance now have access to newspapers, web work, magazines, marketing materials and now blogs, allowing them to write and hold jobs in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago. Do you like athletics? You can get online sports writing jobs thanks to the Internet. Start your own sports blog or website or become a freelance sports writer for one of the many team sites out there on networks such as Rivals and Scout.com.

It’s within your reach.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Writing has taken on a whole new meaning. Being a writer now includes work for the Web, where as before it was strictly a term reserved for newspaper journalists, magazine writers and authors. While freelance writing still remains a job that is classically difficult to earn a full-time income from, many stay at home parents, students and aspiring writers make excellent supplemental incomes writing for these new and emerging venues.

Finding writing job opportunities isn’t hard. Many writers, even those who write for the web, find work by submitting queries and sending in resumes. With the emergence of the web there are new jobs for writers who are hired to write copy, write materials for marketing online, write webpage content and more. For a full look at writing as a career and for help on finding work as a freelance writer, check out JobMonkey’s Freelance Writing Jobs section.

Editing Jobs

In the same way the Internet has provided more writing jobs, it has also increased the demand for editors. Editors need to have a strong command of the English language and are generally required to have experience in the field.

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For journalists who are looking for extra work while studying in school, in need of a supplemental income or have retired from the field, editing is a great way to satisfy those needs while working from home. Those who proofread or edit can build a reputation for themselves by turning in flawless work. Editing is a job that can be remotely accessed from the comforts of your living room couch and is a great stay at home job for those with interest or experience in the area. Again, finding work as an editor isn’t always easy but the demand has increased as the demand for good writing has increased as well.

Blogging Jobs

Blogging is truly a phenomenon of the last two years. Blogs can be run by businesses to promote a product or service but are more commonly run as a ‘miniature’ website for someone to write content on whatever they like. Celebrity blogs have become increasing popular, Mom-blogs giving advice to other mothers and special interest blogs like travel, have made a huge splash on the Internet writing scene. Blogging has become so popular in fact that some people are able to earn money off of their blogs. This happens generally in two ways. The first is being hired into a blogging job and the second is earning money from advertising placed on your blog.

Being hired to blog generally means you are an expert or have a special point of view to offer your audience. News blogs are written by experienced journalists hired to write on their political point of view. Media companies who have pop culture or sports blogs might hire someone who is an expert on that specific subject.

Earning money from your blog from advertising usually means your blog is very popular. Programs like Ad Sense will pay for the number of clicks their add receives from your blog, but this is generally a very small amount. This tends to only earn you money if your blog is very popular and thousands of people click on their ads each day. If your blog has lots of traffic you can also earn money by selling ad-space directly to businesses. Again, this requires that your blogs receives a lot of daily traffic and also requires you to sell the space to potential advertisers yourself.

Writing, editing, blogging, copywriting and proofreading has changed remarkably due to the presence of the Internet. It is an excellent way for you to earn money working from home in a way that completely allows you to work when and how you like. Although still challenging, there are thousands of people who make money working remotely using these venues of employment.

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