Multi-Level Marketing

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is a business model being used by thousands of people who have home based businesses.

It is present in each of the 50 states and in over 100 countries worldwide.
While this business model does earn money for some people, the majority of people involved end up working long and difficult hours to no avail.

The legitimacy of MLM companies has been difficult to pinpoint and describe. Many offer real opportunities while others are well-disguised Ponzi schemes and pyramid scams.

MLMs run off of the effort and money of people who commonly work from home. One such popular business model asks people to pay money to gain access to a product. Then (unpaid) these individuals must independently distribute the product in order to gain commissions. While this in and of itself doesn’t seem like a scam Multi-level marketing rules and memberships are riddled with caveats and exceptions before distributors or representatives are paid. Many require that you sign up a certain number of people underneath you before you get paid, while others require that you sell a certain number of products before receiving payment. Many times these goals and regulations are unattainable or involve the promotion of products that are not yet approved by the FDA or are products difficult to sell in abundance.

MLM business models often require a great deal of work and financial risks with absolutely no guarantee.

There are people who have made money in working with MLM companies but the legitimacy of the practice is so riddled with scams that it is difficult to endorse as a safe and practical way to earn money from home.

Many multi-level marketing earnings models mimic those that JobMonkey doesn’t endorse as a safe way to earn money from home. Many of these businesses require that you purchase a large amount of expensive inventory before you can become a member. Others require that you attend an expensive convention to learn about the product before selling it. These reflect large financial risks with very little documented success for most of the people involved.

As such, MLM are not the viewed as the wisest work from home endeavor and are not endorsed by JobMonkey. While some people have found success in working under their compensation plans and earning models, MLM opportunities are too full of promises and opportunities that are never backed up.

MLM job opportunities represent a large risk for those involved.

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