November 30, 2015

The World’s Best Ski Bum Jobs

Planning to head to the mountains to be a ski bum? If you’ve been dreaming about getting paid to ski and snowboard all day, winter seasonal work is the way to go. Just be careful because one season as a ski bum can quickly turn into two or three or even a lifetime of mountain living.

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Ski bumming is a way of life. It’s the pursuit of skiing and snowboarding as much as you possibly can while enjoying the ski town lifestyle. Ski bum jobs allow you to work hard, play hard, and ski harder. Sounds fun right?

Develop Your Skills For A Ski Industry Job

There are cool ski bum jobs in every ski town in the world. Thousands of people head to the mountains every winter to find a coveted ski bum job. The competition for jobs is fierce and the quest for housing is always challenging, but it’s worth it. It’s up to you as a job seeker to make yourself stand out in the job search.

The best places to search for ski bum jobs include:

Those lucky folks who find one of the world’s best ski bum jobs typically will be employed as:

  1. Lifties
  2. Ski or Snowboard Instructors
  3. Ski Patrollers
  4. Bartenders
  5. Remote Workers
  6. Waiters
  7. Ski Guides
  8. Snow Plow Drivers
  9. Ski Coaches
  10. Retail Employees
  11. Hotel Employees
  12. Ski Journalist
  13. Ski Testers
  14. Terrain Park Crew
  15. Chalet Host
  16. Mountain Operations
  17. Dishwashers
  18. Pro Skiers
  19. Snowcat Operator
  20. Boot Fitter
  21. Bus Drivers

While most of these jobs are NOT going to make you a six-figure annual salary, you will be able to make a living in a ski town with one of these ski bum jobs AND you’ll be able to ski and snowboard as much as you want. You may even be able to ski over 100 days in a season!

The Best Mountain Town Jobs

Finding a ski bum job takes commitment and dedication. Get your resume ready and call in your network. Just be ready – when you move to the mountains, it’s often life changing. What ski resort are you going to move to?

Learn more about the ski industry on JobMonkey. If you’re ready, start your job search on the JobMonkey Job Center.

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