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It’s link love time again. We know that all of our JobMonkey fans are psyched to find cool new websites. We’re certainly pumped to share what we find! Link love is designed to share some of the super cool job search and job advice resources that we find on the World Wide Web. Be sure […]

When you need job search advice, where do you go? Hopefully you immediately think of JobMonkey, but there is an endless supply of websites and blogs devoted to the job search and the world of jobs online. We often browse the Internet looking for great resources that we can share with you via our newsletters or […]

Where do you find job search inspiration? Friends? Family? Experiences? Places? The Internet? All of those are great options. At JobMonkey we find lots of awesome websites, blogs, tweets, and posts online that cover all sorts of useful topics for job seekers. There are tons of options out there, so we want to provide you with […]

Have you read any good articles or blog posts lately? We have and we want to share a few that you might enjoy. It’s amazing what we stumble upon when we are on the Internet! Enjoy! How To Build A Blog That Has A Lasting Impact Upon Its Readers @ ProBlogger – Starting a blog […]

It’s Link Love Time

by Derek Lennon

in Link Love

The Internet is full of good info for job seekers. Where do you seek out the most useful job advice? Hopefully your first choice is always  JobMonkey. But guess what? There are some other incredible resources out there that you should be sure to take a look at. Here are some great articles that we’ve stumbled […]

We all need a bit of inspiration sometimes. That’s why we do link love. The web is full of great websites, blogs, tweets, posts, and so much more. If only it was easy to get a handle on all of it. That’s why we’re here – to bring you some of the best reading material […]

It’s been a while since I’ve spread the blogosphere career love! I came across a couple super posts this week that I wanted to share. If you’ve read something recently that really motivated you in your job search, please feel free to share a link in the comments section. :: 44 Place to Find a […]

TGIF, job seekers. Hopefully you’re heading out for a relaxing weekend, but I have a few quick things I wanted to share this Friday afternoon. I’ve read a number of great articles and blog posts this week about the job search world, which I thought some of you might appreciate. :: The Unexpected Benefits of […]