March 18, 2017

What’s The Best Career For Your Zodiac Sign?

Struggling to determine what career path is best for you? Why not look toward the stars to see if they can help you to determine the best career for your zodiac sign?

Graphic of the zodiac signs in a circle

Astrology is “the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs.” ( If you follow astrology and you’re deeply connected to your zodiac sign, why don’t you use it to determine your career path?

How To Choose The Right Job

There are 12 zodiac signs that correspond to your date of birth. These zodiac signs provide valuable insights into your life, your personality, your talents, and other things. It’s quite fascinating stuff.

At JobMonkey, we are far from experts when it comes to zodiac signs, so we’ll leave it up to you to research your sign and determine how your sign will impact your life. But when we stumbled upon a press release from that highlights how astrology and birth order can factor into your career, we knew we wanted to share it with you.

Below you’ll find CareerBuilder’s list of professions that draw different signs. Will this info help you determine the best career for your zodiac sign?

  • Aries – The Ram – March 21 to April 19
  • Taurus – The Bull – April 20 to May 20
    • Nursing, engineering, attorney/judge, marketing/public relations and higher education
  • Gemini: The Twins – May 21 to June 20
  • Cancer – The Crab – June 21 to July 22
    • Government, legal services, advertising, higher education, machine operation, transportation and military
  • Leo – The Lion – July 23 to August 22
    • Government, legal services, art/design/architecture, engineering, entertainment, real estate and education
  • Virgo – The Virgin – August 23 to September 22
    • Social work, sales, hotel/recreation, editing/writing and food preparation
  • Libra – The Scales – September 23 to October 22
    • Social work, government, advertising, machine operation, law enforcement, firefighter, sales and education
  • Scorpio – The Scorpion – October 23 to November 21
  • Sagittarius – The Archer – November 22 to December 21
    • Editing/writing, marketing/public relations, entertainment, hotel/recreation, IT and military
  • Capricorn – The Goat – December 22 to January 19
    • Art/design/architecture, nursing, science, IT, sales, farming and food preparation
  • Aquarius – The Water Bearer – January 20 to February 18
    • Sales, military, engineering, mechanic, food preparation, facilities management and transportation
  • Pisces – The Fish – February 19 to March 20
    • Social work, personal care, IT, facilities management and mechanic also highlight a few other fun facts about zodiac signs and your career that might interest you:

  • Job Satisfaction:
    • Most Satisfied: Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn
    • Least Satisfied: Gemini, Cancer
  • Compensation:
    • Likely To Earn $100,000 Or More: Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Cancer
    • Likely To Earn $35,000 Or Less: Aquarius, Capricorn

To learn more about zodiac signs and birth order and how those things affect your career path, please visit

You can learn a lot about yourself based on your Zodiac sign. We’ll leave it up to you to Google your zodiac sign and learn about your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, planet, lucky numbers, color, day, element, life pursuit, body part, wishes, love compatibility, keywords, and other pertinent info. By the way, if you’re fascinated by astrology, maybe you should consider pursuing a career in this unique niche.

How To Find The Right Career For You

Now head over to to research different jobs, careers, and employers. Who knows maybe the above info will help you find the best career for your zodiac sign. Happy job hunting!

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