Business and Career Trends to Watch

The economy has everyone wondering about what companies are most apt to survive in the future. With a still unsteady job market, and companies still shaking from the recent economic chaos, you may want to look to the future and see where the best companies will probably be at that time.

Here are some trends to help you determine which companies may interest you for future job security and long-term success. made a list of the top 10 trends that reveals where the future of business is going. At the top of their list, they surprisingly have placed the topic – Economic Turmoil. By this term they mean that the recession itself is creating a strong new market of entrepreneuralism. Many have had to find their way by starting new businesses of their own, and many are succeeding.

Green Power is the next on the list. With a lot of focus on green products, green house gases, and green homes and buildings, a new and strong industry is rising. It has even surpassed that of IT and biotech in terms of venture capital.

Companies in this field are sure to be experiencing rapid growth and stability in the next few years.

The next on the list is the aging Baby Boomers, which are now rapidly becoming seniors. With such a large group growing old, the need for senior preventive care and health care is growing fast. Companies operating in this field are well positioned and may enjoy rapid and lasting growth. Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics declare that this field is currently making up the top fastest growing industries in terms of employment growth.

Education is another field where there is a large influx of people looking to better their education and their career. Increased enrollment is taking place at the lower cost schools, which means the schools are offering more distance learning opportunities.

Launching your teaching career or a finding other education related work might be a sound idea.

Companies that offer health and wellness options are also on the list. With the nation’s focus on being overweight, plus the fact that seniors need more tips and health and wellness products and services, it is leading to a large growth in this industry. Look for the best companies to work for in this field to get job security and career growth.

Selecting a company in one of these fields is sure to help you see growth within the company. Because these fields are experiencing growth under tough economic pressures, you can expect that they would continue to grow afterwards, too.

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