Lists of Best Companies

Most people would like to have the opportunity to work at a best company that has all the frills, like Google. Of course, you have to be one of the best to get employed there, simply because so many people apply every year that they can choose from an enormous applicant pool. Here are some other options you may want to consider that may help you get a job at other best companies closer to home.

Consider Smaller Sized Best Companies

Apart from the well-known Forbes‘ List of Best Companies, there are other lists to consider that will provide you with good places to start in finding a job with a choice employer. There are also lists available at several places where you can find the best small and medium-sized companies to work for.

While these companies probably do not have all the frills of the larger companies, they certainly have a lot to offer. It is quite possible that you might be happier working around smaller crowds. A small company is considered to be between 50 and 250 employees, and a medium-sized company ranges from 251 to 999 employees.

Look for Best Companies by Field

Lists of best companies abound. Some of these lists focus on particular fields enabling you to find quickly different companies that use your expertise. One such list might be the 100 Best Places to Work in IT, or you can perform a search combining the words “best company” with the field of your choice.

Some Lists Specialize on Particular People Groups

Some best companies are categorized because they have become known to cater to particular groups of people. Four such lists might be:

  • The 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers
  • 50 Best Companies for Latinas to Work for in the U.S.
  • Best Companies for Workers over 50
  • Top Entry Level Employers

Another list focuses on companies that have employee ownership. This option will enable you to have a greater part in the direction of the company, as well as being able to personally benefit from the company’s growth.

Find Top Companies by Location

Another way to find the top companies that are closest to you is to search for “best companies in ______” (whatever your city or state is). This will tell you immediately which companies are the best near you.

There are many ways to discover the best companies to work for. It only takes a little patience and thinking on your part. Be sure to have your resume prepared for the company you are applying to, and then you will be able to start working at the company of your dreams.

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