Jobs with Perks

When you talk to friends, you will occasionally hear about some perk at their work that you wish your boss provided for you. Immediately your mind thinks that it must be nice to work at a place like that.

They seem to care for their employees there. You can get one of those best jobs, but it may take a little looking around.

While many jobs do offer perks, you want to think about what kind of perks you think would be best for you. In other words, what kind of perks could you live with – at a minimum? Today’s economy has made many employers tighten their budget, and many great perks in the past may not be so easily found. Many people today are finding that they are much happier at work with two or three major things – everything else is just frosting on the cake.

Some companies are now starting to offer perks that had been almost unheard of previously. It seems that they are using these to be able to attract young Gen Y’ers that are electronics savvy. Perks being offered now may include flat-screen TV’s, iPods, tuition, free travel, and more. In some cases, they may even be hiring friends, too, in order to help them maintain a social connection.

More traditional perks often revolve around the type of company you are working for. A retail store, for instance, will often give discounts on clothing or other merchandise. Depending on where you work, you could get a discount of as much as 40% or more.

If you enjoy traveling, then you may want to consider becoming a flight attendant. Not only do they get to travel around the country and possibly even around the world, but their family members also will probably be able to either ride free or get discounted tickets. A pharmaceutical sales representative is another one that enjoys travel, but on a more localized level.

Teachers have the opportunity to have summers off, but it may depend on where you teach. Pay is often distributed throughout a twelve month period, and you are then free to travel, work somewhere else, do research or write, or just relax during those long vacations. JobMonkey has a complete section on school teaching jobs with in-depth information.

Many other jobs offer great perks, too. If you look around, you can find jobs that offer travel, free cell phones, laptops, a car, and more. A sabbatical is something else that some best companies offer.

Some employers offer free services, too, like hotel rooms, massages, gyms, meals, and even weekend retreats.

Perks can really add up in the way of value, which means that you want to consider all perks and salary together to determine the value of working at a particular place before making a final decision. Some best jobs also offer extra time for pregnancies, ongoing training, and more. Don’t forget the more standard great benefits, too, such as health insurance coverage – which is not as common as it used to be, and paid vacations.

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