Health and Wellness Jobs

Types of Jobs Available in the Health and Wellness Field

Unlike jobs in the medical care and treatment field, health and wellness jobs do not necessarily involve direct treatment of an ailment.

For the most part, health and wellness jobs require less medical-specific knowledge, which means that you have to undergo a significantly smaller amount of training to work in the health and wellness field.

The health and wellness jobs listed here deal with people’s health and safety. Some jobs you’ll find in this category include dietician, personal and homecare aid, and naturopath jobs, among others.

General Info on Health and Wellness Job

While jobs in the health and wellness area do require some level of specialized training, these positions generally don’t require the extensive level of education required in medical care and treatment jobs. Still, like those jobs discussed in the medical care and treatment category, job prospects for positions in the health and wellness field look good. Some jobs will be more in demand than others. For example, personal and homecare aides will find increasing demand as the baby boomer population ages. As a whole, the jobs listed in this category earn significantly less than those in the medical and treatment field.

Is a Health and Wellness Job for You?

If you are interested in a job that allows you to care for other people, without having to go through years of medical school, than a health and wellness job may be the right choice for you.

People who get involved in the health and wellness field are generally compassionate, caring individuals who enjoy working with and helping other people.

Excellent people skills, an interest in health and safety, and a love of interacting with other people on an everyday basis are great characteristics to have if you are considering a health and wellness job.

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