June 8, 2010

Ten Awesome Outdoor Jobs Perfect for the Summer

No one likes to be stuck inside during a beautiful summer day. One of the best-kept secrets in the job-hunting world is that you don’t need to wear a tie or even sit in an office all day to make a relatively hefty salary. Outdoor jobs can be awesome year-round, and there’s no better reminder of this than a sunny afternoon in June.

So what kind of work can get you out of the office without sacrificing the paycheck? Here are ten awesome careers to consider:

  1. Alaskan Summer Jobs: JobMonkey has some great resources if you want to learn more about finding an Alaskan summer job. Some of the highest-paying options include working at one of the state’s national parks or heading rafting and adventure expeditions.
  2. Archaeology Fieldwork Jobs: If you love the outdoors, as well as history, you could work on an archaeology excavation site as a field technician, crew chief, or director.
  3. Diver Jobs: Those who love water can find diver jobs working with tourism companies, diver certification schools, and commercial companies.
  4. Land Tour Guide Jobs: Working as a land tour guide allows you to share your love of an area with people visiting while on vacation.
  5. Modeling Jobs: Here’s an interesting type of outdoor job – modeling. While some models do focus mainly on runways or other indoor types of modeling, many people working as models spend time on outdoor editorial shoots in awesome locations around the world.
  6. Federal Outdoor Jobs: Want to make the big bucks? Try to find federal outdoor jobs like those available from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management.
  7. Forest Service Firefighter Jobs: Working as a forest firefighter allows you to make money in the outdoors while providing emergency services to people who’s families and homes are in danger.
  8. Dude Ranch Jobs: Jobs available on a dude ranch include being a wrangler, ranch maintenance, and naturalist jobs. You’ll get to share your love for the outdoors and farming with visitors in these positions.
  9. Hunting Guide Jobs: People who enjoy hunting pay a lot of money to someone working as a hunting guide in order to hunt and/or fish for wildlife they can’t find back home.
  10. Environmental Jobs: While some eco-friendly jobs are based in offices, you can also find an environmental job in the field, doing research or fieldwork on major projects to help your community go green.

In short, you don’t have to be stuck inside all day in order to make money. If you’re interested in a new career that allows you to work on your day and enjoy nature, check out the ten jobs listed above!

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