Jobs for the Environment

An environmental organization is either a government or private organization which monitors, analyzes and works to preserve the environment. Environmental organizations exist on international, national, regional and local levels with thousands of organizations working for the common cause of a better environment worldwide.

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Because of the large number of organizations that exist, some target specific issues like environmental disasters or radioactive waste, while others tackle environmental issues on a broader level.

Environmental Organizations employ thousands of employees and work with even more volunteers every year. The jobs that are involved with an environmental organization vary extremely because of the range of jobs that exist within thousands of different organizations. These jobs can include administration workers, scientists, engineers, environmental lawyers, grant writers, human resource professionals, analysts, toxologists, fundraisers and public affairs workers. For someone interested in working for an Environmental Organization, there are endless possibilities.

The Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is perhaps the United States’ most popular Environmental Organization. Started in the 1970s, it is a governmental protection agency run by an Administrator who is appointed by the President. The EPA enforces environmental laws, researches better and cheaper ways for business to interact with the environment and works with other world organizations to promote the health of people and environments worldwide. The EPA also works with the United States government to provide research for legislation that relates to the environment. The EPA employs over 17,000 people in the United States with a diverse field of engineers, scientists and administrative workers. The EPA even offers summer and temporary work internships for students who want to work with environmental agencies.

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Jobs at the EPA

While the EPA is a large example of a world-renowned environmental organization there are literally thousands or organizations that are eager to employ people willing to help the environment.

Green Peace

Green Peace is an example of a large Environmental Organization that is in many ways a household name. It was started in Canada but now has offices in over 28 countries. It is perhaps one of the most popular Environmental Organizations worldwide that isn’t a government affiliate. Its focus on global campaigning is very well known and its members commonly protest whaling, deforestation and global warming.

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Jobs at Green Peace

Green Peace is an excellent example of how working for an environmental organization can provide travel opportunities and work experience.

Jobs for Environmental Organizations

Because so many Environmental Organizations are non-profit and run based on donations and grants, the salaries for workers of these organizations can be lower than they might be in another field.

This isn’t true for every environmental organization job and the size and sheer number of organizations is a testament the variety of jobs and salaries that are available. Internships and volunteer opportunities are excellent segues into work for an environmental organization and some even run summer camps for children. Perhaps the most important aspect in working for an environmental organization is that its workers are working towards a cause they feel passionate about. Finding a paying job in an organization might take some ingenuity, but with a passion to help the environment, there is most certainly an organization that will want your contribution.

Types of Environmental Jobs

There are people with a variety of backgrounds who find themselves employees of an Environmental Organization. Some are formally trained environmental lawyers, accountants and even lobbyists. Others have education in parks and recreation or are grant writers and researchers. The size and number of these organizations are enormous and as a result there are the typical jobs associated with running large companies. This includes businessmen, accountants and PR representatives. However, because of the environmental focus of these organizations there is an additional need for people with an interest in helping the environment as well as people who have training in environmental issues.

The best way to discover a job through an environmental organization is to research organizations independently. Many offer internships and volunteer programs for people who want to help, when there are no open positions.

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