Walmart Truck Driver Jobs

Over the past 40 years Walmart International has grown from a small group of department stores in the United States to the world leader in shopping solutions for millions of customers.

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The conglomerate has over 2.1 million employees worldwide with 1.4 million employees in the United States alone. As you can imagine, serving over 49 million customers every week means that a huge range of goods have to be delivered on time – all the time, to thousands of locations around the world. With over 88,000 associates responsible for gathering, tracking and delivering these goods, the logistics department of the company requires a steady stream of skilled and hard-working employees.

Logistics means Everything

The logistics division of Walmart International is one of the most essential parts of the merchandise-to-customer cycle and is responsible for supplying every product that you see in your local Walmart store. With millions of products being transported around the world on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that every logistics center runs around-the-clock. Walmart has one of the world’s largest private distribution networks with anywhere from 500-1,000 employees at each distribution facility ensuring that every shipment gets where it’s supposed to go. There are over 40 regional distribution centers across the United States, with each one utilizing over a million square feet of warehouse space. To keep the shipments moving, the distribution centers have over 7,200 tractors and 53,000 trailers delivering shipments to every Walmart store across the country. A total of over 88,000 employees work in the logistics division alone, making sure that the millions of products make it to all Walmart stores across the nation. Also, see the Walmart jobs page on JobMonkey.

Driving for Walmart

Walmart International has over 8,000 drivers on the road, delivering shipments to every Walmart store in the country. Visit their job board.

With one of the largest transportation operations in the world, the company doesn’t take its responsibility to be the best at what they do, lightly. The Walmart private fleet of vehicles traveled over 790 million miles last year alone, and

is proud to be one of the world’s safest fleets of vehicles. This sort of goal doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s something that Walmart International management has been working at for over 40 years. Drivers that sit behind the wheel of a Walmart private fleet vehicle have to first prove themselves as being some of the most well-trained and skilled drivers on the road. This has the benefit of bringing only the best drivers to work for Walmart International, ensuring that everyone stays safe – whether behind the wheel or in front of it.

Working as a driver in the company’s private fleet requires:

  • Class A interstate CDL with Hazmat endorsement
  • At least three years of on the road experience as a driver
  • No preventable accidents or moving violations over those three years
  • Must periodically pass a blood and urine test for drug use

Drivers who work for Walmart International don’t have to load or unload shipments from their vehicles; distribution and store associates take care of this.

Every driver working for the company can also count on operating excellent vehicles that are thoroughly maintained regularly in the company’s own service centers. Walmart International has their own driver skill training program which includes an in-depth orientation that shows each employee where they might fit in the Walmart culture of customer service. Employees looking to become part of the logistics division of the company are trained in what it means to be a part of the supply chain for the world’s leading department store corporation. Walmart International employees receive excellent pay, major medical and dental insurance packages as well as safety course training and personal days off.

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