Diesel Service Technician Jobs

There’s not a truck on the road that can get along without a good diesel service technician. Without the service attention and regular maintenance checks that this person performs, most trucks would simply not be able to continue functioning. Diesel technicians and mechanics made up almost half a million job positions in the past year with a need for many more of them as the trucking industry continues to expand.

Diesel Service Technicians Know Everything there is to Know About Diesel Engines

Diesel service technicians and mechanics were employed by almost every industry that uses trucks, buses and other diesel vehicles to transport and deliver goods, materials and people. The trucking industry employed the largest percentage of these technicians, which only makes sense as the number of trucks on the road continues to grow. Many were also employed by municipalities to service and maintain buses, waste removal trucks and road equipment.

As the amount of freight needing to be shipped nationwide continues to grow, so too does the need for more trucks and drivers. But the need for certified diesel service technicians and diesel mechanics will also continue to grow right alongside this increased need for more trucks. Every industry that depends on diesel vehicles to operate smoothly and efficiently also depends on having a team of qualified diesel service technicians on hand to perform necessary maintenance and repairs. Most people who enter into this line of work can expect to have steady employment as the various industries utilizing diesel vehicles continue to grow. Be sure to check out big employers such as SAIA Transportation and J.B. Hunt for job opportunities. You’ll find profiles of many major trucking companies in this section.

The range of salary for this position depends on many factors including whether or not the position is with a private company, a municipality or other entity. Municipal bus and truck mechanics can earn an average of $21.50 an hour, with more senior technicians earning anywhere from $25-$32.00 per hour (though these positions are usually based on a fixed annual salary). As with any position, the salary for diesel service technicians in the trucking industry can vary depending on which company you work for. This is why it’s important to do your research and find the best company that will value your talents the most.

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