Local Pick-Up and Delivery Driver Jobs

If the thought of traveling long distances and being away from your friends and family for long periods of time is a little daunting for you, maybe you’d be better off taking a job as a local pick-up and delivery driver.

Local pick-up and delivery drivers generally work within a very localized area of a city or state, often with smaller trucks or trailers. They’re responsible for picking up and delivering a lot of smaller shipments that can be put into one truck or trailer. This allows businesses with smaller shipment needs to be able to afford to ship their products across the city or the state with delivery times usually as good or better than other shipment methods.

UPS Delivery Driver Delivers Package Photo

Tip…Be sure to check out the profiles of several hot transportation companies currently hiring drivers. They’re listed at the end of this section beginning with ABF Freight employment information and jobs with UPS, FedEx, and Arrow trucking.

To stay profitable, these companies need to ensure that their drivers plan their pick-up and delivery routes in the most economical way possible. Truck drivers need to be familiar with the best and fastest routes to all areas of the cities they transport in and be able to easily read maps to find any new areas they need to deliver to. Local pick-up and delivery drivers sometimes only need a Class D CDL, though a Class A CDL may be needed to transport some loads for certain companies.

Local pick-up and delivery drivers, such as those who have tow truck driver jobs, must be able to deal with a wide range of customers every day while on the job. Having good communication skills will help local pick-up and delivery drivers more effectively keep track of the many shipments they have to handle each and every day. Not only do they have to fill out and create legible and informative paperwork for every single shipment, but they need to pick-up and deliver along a set route every day. Being able to safely transport all these shipments and get them to their destination on time is sometimes a very hard job – especially during stormy, winter weather. Local pick-up and delivery drivers can expect to earn an annual salary of $30,500 to $39,700 depending on the company worked for, the size of the pick-up and delivery route and the number of years you’ve been driving with the same company.

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